Curated by MA Curating & Collections 2017/18 

MA Curating & Collections would like to express our gratitude to


Osías Yanov's Orphan Dance commissioned and produced by Gasworks

Special thanks to the performers: 

Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley, Christopher Kirubi, Ted Rogers

MA Curating & Collections 

Dr. David Dibosa, Donald Smith, Lynton Talbot 

Michael Iveson, Cherie Silver

// website by Jie Qiu and Dominique Wong

Graphic Design by Nicolò Pellarin and Michela Zoppi

MA Curating and Collections 2017/18

Cecilija Berg, Laura Callegaro, Dolores Xiaodi Cheng, Xiaoke Gan, Carla Gimeno Jaria, Kay Gong,

Cheryl Guo, Simonna Ximeng Guo, Shan Jiang,

Anna Kanunikova, Jasmine Kee, Evie Knighton,

Zoey Ziyu Li, Marta Litrán Altemir, Lian Liu, Ruby Lau, Raffaella Mariadriana Matrone, Sarah Anne Millet,

Kyan Ka Yan Ng, Ruom Ni, Jie Qiu, Ileana Tu,

Manasa Vempali, Irene Yiran Wang, Luoqian Wang, Dominique Wong, Sara Xuantong Wu, Euphy Zhang

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